When looking for a new place to live, most of us know that having a car is mandatory. This is even more important for places that are away from the city or the destinations we need to visit almost daily. Well, this isn’t the case for a new Piermont Grand EC and here’s why. All distances are defined in minutes you need by foot.

Stations are 5 minutes away

All the LRT and MRT stations you will ever need are between 3 and 15 minutes away from your new home. This makes Piermont Grand EC an excellent place for people who don’t drive or don’t own a car. By not using a car you can save a huge amount of money each year. You do not need to pay for insurance, the registration, loan, maintenance, and repairs.

Living in this new condominium is so beneficial, when it comes to transport than within 2 hours you can be in any part of Singapore you desire to visit.

City center is 10 minutes

Yes, you hear this right. The city center is top 10 minutes away if you take your time while walking. If you walk fast, it can be 5 minutes away. For most of you and most of us, city centers are the best possible places in the whole city. First of all, you can enjoy walking through the center or going out for a cup of coffee. You also have all the facilities you will ever need in the city center as well. In other words, if you are close to the city center, you are close to everything you will ever need. Piermont Grand EC is appreciated precisely due to this reason.

Schools are 1-10 minutes away

There are three schools, primary ones which are so close to your apartment that you can see them from your window. The first one is Punggol Cove Primary school and it is located across the street from your condo.  The school is well-known for advanced education and considered as one of the best.

The next school is Punggol Green Primary School and it is 10 minutes away. This school is also popular at the moment and in the near future, it is going to become even better and more common among new students. Punggol View Primary school is an alternative as well. It is also 10 minutes away so you don’t need a car to get here.

All schools are paired with excellent LRT and MRT lines so you can reach any one of them within minutes.


Now you know all the reasons why you don’t need a car if you have an apartment in the Piermont Grand EC condominium. You are close to everything you will ever need and the farthest facility or destination is just a few minutes away. Instead of purchasing a car, it is much better to look for a slightly bigger apartment.