Make no mistake about it, the rental business is very diverse. Get the idea out of your head that when people put out rooms to rent, that we’re strictly talking about motels, hotels, condominiums and even houses.

You have to understand that when people look for accommodations, they’re not just looking for a hotel room. Some people have the budget and the preference for that, but others have more diverse tastes.

For example, people who just got out of college don’t have much money, but they want to travel. I know a lot of people who, when we got out of college, immediately decided to go to Europe.

Now, last time I checked, the plane fares to go to Eastern, Western and Northern Europe are quite expensive. And accordingly, the accommodation budget is the first one to go.

They didn’t have an accommodation budget, so my buddies basically lived in youth hostels, which are basically just a step above homeless shelters.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that this is just absolutely unacceptable. You may be thinking that this low class and that this is just the roughest way to travel.

But you may want to hold your condemnation and judgment to yourself because, hey, let’s face it, different strokes for different folks.

My friends were not exactly poor. They just did not have the budget because they just left their parents’ homes. They started living on their own right after college, and money was tight.

Welcome to the club. That’s the typical experience of most Americans who just graduated from college.

Usually, your first ten years after college are your lowest income years. But after that, you become wealthier and wealthier as you get your act together. Again, welcome to the club.

This is why it’s really a good idea, if you are looking to enter the rental accommodations marketplace, to be open minded as to what people would want to rent.

Let me tell you, a lot of traveling students and also budget conscious people wouldn’t mind living in mobile home rental units. Again, these are recreational vehicles. These are mobile homes that people can rent.

Thankfully, we now have an online marketplace that would be able to pair up suppliers and seekers of such accommodations. I’m not just talking about Airbnb. There is just a wide range of services that would enable you to rent out an extra space in your recreational vehicle or mobile home so you can make money on the side.

On the other side of the equation, if you are a starving student, or you’re a professional but you just don’t want to spend all that much money, or you’re just an adventure seeker looking to live outside the hotel circuit, this is definitely an option.

Now, with that said, make sure that if you are offering this kind of accommodation that it has proper electricity. This is not always easy because, let’s face it, a lot of RVs are located off the grid. We’re talking far, far away from major metropolitan areas in the United States.

What are you going to do in that situation? Well, you’re probably thinking that your RV generates enough power by itself. Most RVs are, of course, equipped with internal generators.

But keep in mind that these generator systems are usually not up to the job because they generate just enough electricity to handle the needs of their occupants.

So in that context, if you’re going to be taking in tenants, the RV might not be equipped to produce enough juice for everybody.

So what do you need to do? Well, you just need to get solar panels for recreational vehicles.

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The great thing about this review is that it sizes up your budget in comparison to the amount of juice you’ll get. This way, you can spend as little money as possible while getting as much electricity out of those solar panels as possible.

Now, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Check out the review today so you can level up your rental unit out of your RV. That is the essence of truly discount accommodations.