The fun thing about looking for any kind of service or product is that you have to overcome your subjective biases. A lot of people won’t tell you this. In fact, a lot of people would actively hide this because they tried to take advantage of it. Make no mistakes about it. All of us have biases.

I know it’s painful to hear. I know that most people are embarrassed by this fact. But this is absolutely true. You come from a specific background. You have different experiences. You look at the world from a different particular angle.  You are entitled to your perspective and what this all leads to. That’s right, it leads to a perspective which means bias. You can say the word. There’s no shame on that.

Everybody is biased because we come from this a specific background. It’s because we come from a specific angle. There’s nothing to apologize for. People who say that we should be unbiased are really frankly clueless. You know how expensive it would be to be completely unbiased? This means that you would have to travel all over the world and look through the world to everybody’s eyes and experience the world from so many different perspectives.

That’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. How much time you have. That’s simply a logistical impossibility because nobody can do that. It is why the whole idea of being unbiased to approaching things with a clean slate or an open mind is really a joke. It really is.

So do yourself a big favor, overcome that natural fear of bias and focus instead on finding the right information so it would fit your particular set of circumstances. That’s how you make the right choice all day every day. Now, believe it or not, finding the right discount hotels is like trying to figure out how many champions there are in league of legends.

You see, it’s really important to understand what you are working with. When you’re playing league of legends, it’s a good idea to look at champions as tools. Each tool has its own strengths and disadvantages. Each tool is great in certain settings and very weak like others.

So when you analyze this information, you step away from one key question. The key question, of course, is a pretty basic question. The key question is how many champions are in League of Legends. It’s a question that begs for a straight answer, but once you get that straight answer it actually gets quite deep because talking operational or logistic is like talking situational strategies.

Because this is not a question of just knowing how many but which champion would you use for which circumstance. This all goes back to figuring out the right discount hotels because it goes down to your circumstances. If you’re unclear or you’re completely clueless regarding your set of circumstances, then you probably will be making the wrong call again and again.

Nobody’s going to take you out of that bit. Nobody would  give you a hand. It is just not going to happen. You have to figure this out yourself and it all boils down to being more open-minded in how you analyze the situation. This means that you need to get over bias or your fear at least.