FAQs in Booking a Hotel Reservation

Here are the following frequently-asked questions when it comes to booking a hotel reservation.

Before leaving a message, check out if your proposed question is already answered below for a faster transaction.

1. Are all the hotels included in the list available?

The availability of the hotels listed will depend on the season and time. Since we selected the best of hotels, we can’t guarantee their availability because, in busy seasons such as Christmas and summer, most hotels are fully booked. However, if you want to secure a hotel reservation, you can add your email to the mailing address so that we can notify you as soon as there is an available slot on the hotel you are interested in staying in.

2. Can I narrow down my choices based on the amenities of the hotel?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for a hotel that can provide, let’s say, a minibar, all you need to do is to click the “Show Advanced Options” on the right side. Type the “mini bar, ” and we’, ll sort out the lists of all hotels that have a mini bar included just for you.

3. Is the contact information of the hotel provided?
Yes, we provide the contact information of the hotel if you are interested in booking a reservation. However, to protect the hotel, we will require you to made the reservation first in the confirmation email before we release any of their personal information. We want to make sure that the transaction between you and the hotel management will be smooth and easy.

4. Are the directions to the hotel given?

Yes. We also provide the directions going to the hotel. If you want to check out if it’s located in the heart of the city, worry no more. We give the exact location of the hotel as well as the nearby stores and facilities in the area. Also, we narrow down our selection of hotels that can provide your necessities in just a drive away or can be easily accessed by the public vehicle to provide you the convenience all throughout your stay.

5. Are the rates of the room continually changing?
Yes, the rates of the room can change without prior notice. But rest assured that all of our prices of the hotel rooms are recently updated. It can be easier for you to narrow down your options according to your budget. We will notify you as soon as the room rates changes while you are booking a reservation to the hotel and help you make a good decision out of it.

In case we have not provided and answered your questions above, you can leave a message for the contact information we’ve provided. We are more than happy to accommodate you in making a hotel reservation for your trip in London or any part of the world. Send us a message. Our staff is willing to help anytime of the day.