Don’t let the title of this blog post freak you out. There’s really nothing intrinsic or special about discount hotels that make them particularly dangerous to your mobile devices like your mobile phones, cell phones or tablets.

They are just like anywhere else. There’s a space, and if you are distracted or your focus is turned to something else, there is a strong chance that you will leave stuff behind.

Maybe you will leave your wallet, maybe you will leave your keys or maybe you will leave your backpack. Or, in the worst case scenario, you might leave your tablet or cell phone.

Why am I singling out cell phones? What’s so special about cell phones compared to your wallet? After all, your wallet probably has your driver’s license, your credit cards, or maybe even your social security card.

That’s important stuff because the materials that I just described are exactly the materials people need to steal your identity.

So what makes cell phones special? Well, it really boils down to family.

I don’t know about you, but my mobile phone has tons of pictures of my baby boy. And I call him my baby boy, although he’s 5 years old, because I’ve taken pictures of him growing up.

One time we were going to a shopping mall and he started singing because there was a karaoke unit there. He was very far away from the karaoke mic, but that did not stop him from singing.

I caught that on video. And let me tell you, if I lose my phone, it will break my heart because I did not make a copy of that video.

And the same goes with the countless pictures that depict him in diapers all the way to the way he looks now. These memories are precious, and kids grow up so fast. And that’s what makes my cell phone so expensive.

It doesn’t really matter that I spent $500 on my phone. Money can be earned. Memories cannot. If you lose those memories, you’re missing out.

So this is why you need to protect your cell phone. And the best way to do this is twofold.

First, back your stuff up. Whether you’ve signed up for iCloud or Google Drive, do it. Don’t just do it, do it right now.

Next, install’s app onto your mobile device. Once you have installed and activated the app, change the geo-location configuration of your mobile device so it constantly tells the world its location.

Once you’ve done these two things, if your phone goes missing or is stolen, you have a few hours to check on the location of the phone.

This should give you enough time to get in touch with the appropriate lost and found personnel. This should give you enough time to call the hotel that you stayed at.

Whatever you need to do, you have enough time to do it because, let’s face it, you are in a race against the clock. After a few hours, your battery will die and your phone will stop giving out signals as to its location.

So do yourself a big favor, protect yourself with It’s only a matter of time until your phone goes missing if you travel extensively.