Discount hotels vary tremendously. If you are reading this blog post, you are either a manager of a discount hotel you are the owner of one. Regardless of your role, should already know that music can function as a great drawing force or a great promotional “hook” for your lodging accommodations option.

You have to understand that in today’s market, especially supplemented by the Internet, you really can’t take things sitting down. You really can’t be passive when dealing with the competition because, believe me, they will leave you behind. You may be thinking that everybody knows that your spot is the best place to book a room because it is not only cheap, but it’s centrally located and it’s clean.

Now, here’s the problem. You think that everybody knows this. However, if you’re not very visible online, regardless of the fact that locals know everything about your accommodations and have the highest respect for you, you probably will have a tough time attracting quality clients. That’s the bottom line. That’s where this all leads to.

So, you need to step up. You need to get a clear understanding of the impact of value-added accommodations. Simply offering a location and offering the very basic as far as accommodation quality and amenities are concerned are things of the past. I wish that business model will continue to be viable long into the future, but I don’t want to delude you. I don’t want to play games with you.

You have to offer something extra, and this is why it’s really important for discount hotels to step up their game by allowing some sort of open space where people can play guitars. This way when there is some sort of musical hook to your discount accommodations, people will give you a second chance. People would give you a second look, and you’d be surprised as to how far and wide the word about your particular accommodations gets.

Again, this is not rocket science nor is it brain surgery. It really all boils down to being more proactive to get those bookings because those bookings are not going to make themselves happen. You have to convince them.

You have to remember that regardless of where you are in the United States or in Western Europe, there will always be a tremendous amount of other people competing for those same clients. You cannot be complacent. You cannot just take all of this lying down. You have to step up to the competition and understand where they’re coming from and offer something better.

Music is definitely a great angle so check out this link so you know how it works and you know how to position yourself to gain a competitive advantage thanks to guitar music.