It is important you are aware of the fact that the best truck GPS for tow trucks have the capacity to change your life, thus assisting you in getting your assignments done in a more efficient manner and more ways than simply preventing you from getting lost. Some of the benefits of the best GPS for tow trucks drivers include:

  • Decrease your risk of collision due to back up cameras.
  • Saves time, so you can get more work done in a day by stopping drivers from getting lost.
  • The ability to track and micromanage a whole fleet of vehicles.
  • Save more time by effortlessly finding the fastest route from point A to B.

GPS systems vary in including different features and options, depending on your needs

Full-Service GPS Tracking Devices
Having sufficient knowledge on driver activities down to every last minute, mile and location, there is no doubt that it can be assistance to you in creating efficient ways of doing business. There are GPS tracking systems that are capable of doing more than just dictating how you can get around town. You will find that real-time locational GPS systems allow the tracking of all tow trucks within your fleet at any point in time.

Some of the options a quality GPS tracking system offers:

  • The ability to identify unauthorized uses of company assets.
  • The total mileage driven by every vehicle every day.
  • A detailed collection of data citing all of the locations a tow truck has traveled.
  • Helpful route information allows operations to improve travel efficiency.
  • How long a tow truck stops at every location.

The Perks of Back up Cameras
It is impossible to argue with the fact that tow truck drivers are one of the best drivers in the road. They have to be in order to maneuver tricky tight spaces and large trucks out on the roads. There is no doubt that the best driver out there can still use a little help to get the job done efficiently and without error. A huge benefit to many GPS systems designed solely for tow trucks is that they have a backup camera incorporated in them. What this camera does is that gives a view of the rear surrounding, thus making it easier for the drivers to back up safely because it was programmed in a way that when you put the truck in reverse it turns on.

Rugged Cameras Made To Last
Right before you purchase just about any GPS system, it is very that you make sure it is capable of withstanding anything pressure it is exposed to. For instance, high-quality commercial GPS cameras are designed to withstand whatever wear and tear it is exposed to, together with rugged terrains. The Navicam 7200 is one the toughest GPS system in the market, having a 7″ full-color touchscreen and a backup camera.

This GPS was not just specifically design to withstand the elements, it is also integrated for excellent ease of use, including GPS turn by turn voice prompts text to speech announcements for upcoming Streets, and the ability to engage the backup camera automatically whenever the truck is put into reverse. It is important you are aware of the fact that the tow truck GPS system comes with a 35 foot RCA connection cable as well as a 4GB SD card.