Buying a condo is all about ownership of the land and the property area. You get access to the features of a house and an apartment. Their ownership deed separates the former from the latter.  You can definitely own an Avenue South Residence condo, but after the initial condescending notions, you might find yourself asking – is it worth it? Find out why Avenue South Residence is the best for you.

Cost Cutting at Avenue South Residence

The maintenance charges for Avenue South Residence will not be borne by a single person. The township is lived and shared by a number of people. The amenities residing within like the in-house gym facilities, yoga centers, swimming pools, gardens, parks, parking lots, courtyards, tennis yards, playgrounds are also used and lived by all the other residents living there. Hence, the maintenance cost is equally shared and distributed by each individual member by the Home Owners’ Association.


Ownership includes the area and surrounding covered by the inner walls of your condominium. This means, that personalizing your area, those covered by the inner boundary is completely borne by you. But, extrinsic beauty and maintenance are owned by HOA. You can finally bid goodbye to the worries of loss of luster and shine due to the tides of time. Moreover, a greater ownership percentage carves a path for a veto vote in meetings and discussions.

Work cum Home Space

The introduction of new business sectors as a government initiative is bringing about owners with professional and residential needs. This condo is the best living area near all major business hubs. This cuts down traveling cost. Moreover, with MRT and LRT stations nearby to this condo, traveling to and fro from work will never be easier.

Surroundings around the Condo

With schools, shopping malls, food hubs, hospitals, business hubs, courtyards, Punggol waterway, colleges, expressways, etc. it will surely make your life easy and better. Transportation eases up tenfold, and the waterway line brings in nostalgic breeze and memories to cleanse your body and soul.

Investment Options

Being a business and a professional residential hub, the overall look of the condo is highly maintained and forced into masquerading glitz and glamorous residential hub. Moreover, being the only home near the economic hubs and other business sects of the city, this township is highly looked upon. The supported amenities and the highly talked-about surroundings featuring prestigious schools and colleges, budding expressways and up-and-coming MRT stations will add on more cherry to the cake in the upcoming years.

This condo is a highly profitable investment due to all the above listed reasons. Moreover, due to the HOA and the ownership hopscotch, the external maintenance is taken care of without leaving a spot to complain about.

The sophistication poured into the condo never fades away and hence its cost gets appreciated in the future. This means the chances are that you get a double profit when you rent or sell the condo than the initial amount you bought it for.